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Our goal at Maxityframes is to provide you with the best possible eye care and customer service so that you feel confident that you can get a 360 Degree eye experience.   That’s why in addition to bringing top quality eye products, our  team is staffed by opticians. Many of our expert opticians have more than 20 years of experience, and all of them are passionate about helping you get the best eye care and contribute to making sure you find the perfect eyewear.

3 Steps to Outstanding Eye Service

1. Are you Suitable?

The first step to find out if you are suitable for laser or lens vision correction is a short phone call. A detailed consultation can follow to confirm your suitability.

2. Your Consultation

At Maxityframes, we provide an extremely thorough consultation to confirm your safety to have treatment. We often say no if we think we cannot deliver superb vision.

3. Surgery and Treatment

Our 100% 20/20 success rate for short-sight requires superb surgical skill plus the most advanced advanced technology – you will experience both during Treatment

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Awesome Service, Really impressed with the treatment i received. Highly Recommended
Jane Edobor Mum

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