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How to wear makeup with glasses

How to wear makeup with glasses?

By Lydia, fashion optometrist

some girls were asking how to make their make up stand out with their glasses on. Probably these are peeps who love make up brand.
Some days you’re simply too tired and barely open your eyes to get your contacts in. That means glasses and no-make up today, right? Wrong! Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you have to go bare-faced all the time. There are numerous tricks out there to get your make-up to show from behind your second set of peepers. You need to harness them and use them to your advantage. You might even look sexier since guys find women with glasses smarter (because you know guys like smart girls and all). Do a smokey eye. The style isn’t just for nighttime anymore. The eyes need to be accentuated to stand out from behind your glasses, so dark colors and smudging is a must. Pick a shadow color that will make your irises pop, like green shadow for brown eyes. Use a toned-down lipstick that is a shade similar to your skin color to make your eyes stand out even more.

Bubblegum lips. Although they might not taste like bubblegum, the color looks absolutely delicious. The color gives your face a pop of noticeable color.

Defined brows. Make sure they’re not hiding behind your glasses by accentuating them! Clean them up by tweezing, line your brows with brow liner, and then fill them in with brow pencil. If you don’t own a brow pencil, filling in your eyebrows with brown eye shadow will do the trick.

Neon  eyes. Want to make a statement? This is the ultimate way to draw the eyes away from the glasses and to your actual eyes. Use one electric color on the top lid and a different, bright color on your lower eye. Finish off the look by blending in black in the creases to make the color stand out even more. Mascara isn’t required.

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