Living with digital devices around us is an experience that capture the present century, over 95% of heavy digital devices users are experiencing the dry eye disease symptoms and other physical, emotional and intellectual discomforts daily. 7 in 10 millennial spend at least 9 hours online on digital devices each day, Nigerians uses more than one screen at a time(Computer, phone and television). Computer vision syndrome is an alarming discomfort felt by many individual on this timeline.

Computer vision syndrome is a physical, emotional and intellectual discomfort felt by many individuals after few hours in front of digital devices

• using a digital screen for two hours can result to eyestrain

• CVS can reduce productivity in school and work by as much as 20%

• up to 80% of computer and phones users can develop CVS

• A person blink rate reduce significantly when using digital devices

A recent study on heavy computer users in the united state found out their Lear fluid has become similar with those with dry eye disease

In conclusion blue light exposure has been linked with retina damage

We recommend the scientific formula and 100% non sided effect Glass, THE MAX XRL CONFIDENCE available with prescription and non prescription for users

How max xrl confidence glass protect you?

It protect you by eliminating those harmful UV, energy or blue light called glare, coming directly into your eyes on exposure to digital screen and direct sunlight up to 90%. This feature coating is place at the front and back end of your glasses which also make your lenses look more attractive

Uses of Max xrl confidence glass

• television

• phones

• computer

• sunlight

• night driving, etc.

More info on digital eye strain content, read

Now available with prescription and non prescription for users, also recommend for children

Non sided effect tested, suitable for every users

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